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Smoking ban is no success

October 23rd, 2006 at 06:46 am


I read with some regret and no little disbelief the multi-signature letter in your Letters page in conjunction with your own editorial (26 September) regarding the so-called success of the smoking ban.

The smoking ban is anything but a success. It has caused financial hardship to many licence-holders who have watched their pubs, clubs and bingo halls empty since its introduction.

It, therefore, galls me to have to read such rubbish as "the smoking ban would not have worked without the hard work of licence-holders". They were badgered into enforcement of this unjust ban with threats of heavy fines by the Scottish Executive.

If all the body worshippers are so confident that the majority in this democratic country welcomes the smoking ban, then let them put it to the people in a general vote.

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